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Jr. Software Developer

Cyber Security Researcher

Hello!I've been involved with the software development since my first software project. I worked with different architectures and technologies throughout the process. In addition to these, I developed myself in networking and cloud. I love multiple-tasking. I am currently interested in my startup, of which I am co-founder.
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I've been developing software almost since the beginning of my high school life. To improve me,I went to numerous conferences and received varioustraining online. For me, this process will never end.Among my career goals is to be a successful CTO. In this direction, I did research and developed projectsin many different fields such as robotics and cybersecurityin order to discover my abilities. In this whole process, I also experience entrepreneurship in the field. I'm very excited and can't wait to produce something new.

Working with
Studied at
Soft Skills
Creative ability
  • Leadership

    Influence and guidance members in the organization

  • Crisis Management

    Offers the most effective solution in stressful situations

  • Collaboration

    Works collaboratively with team members and increases productivity

  • Entrepreneurship

    Leads the development of the organization with its innovative ideas

Language Skills
Reading and writing
  • English

    Professional working qualification

  • German


Coding Skills
Developing on
  • WordPress

    Theme and plugin development

  • PHP, SQL

    Creating multi-functional websites

  • Java

    Developments of Robotics with OOP

  • React.Js

    Creating Mobile Apps(Interested)


    Development with additional classes for Frontend

  • Python

    For Data Processing and Artifical Intelligence

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Samet Zengin
Software Developer
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  • E-mail: [email protected]
Samet Zengin